Recruitment Consultant

Location: Dublin South, Dublin, Ireland
Date Posted: 07-09-2018
Recruitment Consultant
Something Different than the norm…   

Flexible working
Six figure earning potential expectation
Ireland wide 

TalentSphere Staffing Solutions is one Canada's most successful recruitment businesses. Having revolutionized the recruitment model in Canada, we are now looking for expansion in Ireland.

If you want to work somewhere a little different, and are bored of making money for other people whilst seeing only a small cut for yourself; if you back yourself as a 360 (full cycle) recruiter capable of building and managing your own desk; if you have ever wondered about starting your own agency only to be put off by the administration; if you have had your fill of working for the big agencies; and if you value lifestyle beyond title and status; it might be a good time to talk to us.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the job, how about some reasons you might want to come onboard?
  • Exceptional commission structure – Sure, everyone says this. We actually deliver. No complicated thresholds. No smoke and mirrors.  Just a generous cut of what you bill.
  • No targets. No KPIs. Of course we want you to be successful, but we know you are taking a risk joining a small firm and respect that you are able to drive your own success.  
  • Flexible working. 100% flexible. You can work anywhere that has an Internet connection. No set hours, complete flexibility to work where you want and when you want.  
  • Work with the best technologies. Our technology is second to none. We see it as our job to give you the tools you need to be successful.
  • All the bits you need. Your box turns up on day one. A new computer, a phone, marketing materials, a printer. Your business is ready to go and you just need to plug it in.  
  • A team environment. The support is there when you need it. Sure you work from home but we all understand that (we do to!) and we are here to help you and lend a hand when you need it. Oh, and we have a fair amount of experience between us too!  
  • No Micro management. The days of measured phone times and KPIs are over, don’t worry, do your job and we’ll let you work how you do it best. Don’t get us wrong, we expect your best, and work to process, but it’s up to you to show us what you can do.
  • No geographical limitations. No sector limitations. No discipline restrictions. Let’s face it; recruitment is not rocket science. And you are good at it; that’s why we are hiring you. Why would we stop you making money? We understand that if a client likes you; they are likely to give you all of their work.
Yes, we’re small, but the foundations are laid, and properly too. What that means to you is unrivaled opportunity to thrive at what you do best. This is your opportunity to be in on the ground floor of something really special. We wont be small for long. We already have a consultant working in Ireland and are looking to aggressively grow the team. 

Created in Canada in July 2013 with just two of us, experienced recruiters fed up with making money for other people, we created a platform that is completely remote; allowing, initially us and then the consultants who subsequently followed us, to work from wherever in the world we/they chose. We have not focused on any particular market but rather given consultants tools to be able to focus on the markets they know best and help them make money out of those. At time of writing, as a result of this strategy, we have proven track record in sales, construction, architecture, data analytics, HR, marketing, finance and accounting and manufacturing. This portfolio will diversify with every consultant we hire. We don't want to dictate what you recruit or where, rather work on enabling you to bill as many fees as possible! 

We hired our first consultant in Ireland in April 2016 and she has seen exceptional success already. We have been welcomed as preferred to suppliers to some huge international organisations and have realized that the market is incredibly receptive to a new, innovative and efficient supplier of recruitment solutions. We are now looking for consultants to join in this success and grow our Irish presence. 

So you, what are we after?
Knowing the job is the key to success, quickly followed by attitude. The below is a wish list, but if you think you’d be interesting to us, please let us know.
  • A desire to continue to do recruitment as a career: Sounds obvious, but it’s rare. We want you to grow in your role.
  • Willingness to do a 360 role and the confidence that you can build something from scratch. Back yourself and you will find rewards far beyond anything those big agencies can offer you.
  • If you’re experienced, we want to hear about your billings. We are confident that most recruiters will actually bill more when they work for us. No limitations on geography, level, sector etc. Oh we said that already!
  • A no bullshit policy. Life is better when you’re honest. A genuine desire to achieve professionally. It doesn’t matter what, but if you want to excel, we can definitely help you.
  • A reason why working from home will work for you.  Some people just can’t hack it and that is cool too, just not a good fit for us. We like people who have other important stuff in their lives whether that be kids, soccer, socializing, whatever...we just don’t want you doing nothing but work!
Th@t’s it!
There really is a very different, but very cool opportunity on offer here, we love what we do, and we’d love you to join us.
Interested? Send a message to Stephen Borer  and we’ll sort out the rest.
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